These Celebrities Had A Regular, Awful Job Before They Got Famous

Sometimes you really do wonder if someone in your current line of work would have what it takes to become a famous celebrity. Usually, the answer is a resounding „no“. That’s where I come in, since I’m the one that’ll prove to you that even the most horrible of job lines have at some point or another created a celebrity. And none of those current MTV-generation, D-list celebrities that are celebrities because they do stupid reality TV shows. Proper celebrities.
It’s hard for us plebs to imagine that the people we spend an unhealthy amount of time looking up to at some point had a regular job. At some point in their lives, these people were no different from us. So why did you end up in different places, you ask? Well, maybe that’s the question you should ask yourself.



Steve Buscemi – Firefighter
It’s hard to imagine Steve Buscemi’s being the first face you see when you’re being rescued out of a house fire, but apparently that was possible at some point.