Celebrities That Fell From Grace And Got Back Up

Being a celebrity must be hard. One moment you’re on top of the world, the next nobody wants to hire you. You do one bad movie and you could be out of Hollywood. It’s almost like having a real job, the horror!

Some celebrities have managed to fall down on their faces and crawl back up, though. They reached the top, fell all the way down and through nothing but sheer force of will clawed their way back up. And now we’ve all somehow forgotten that we all abandoned them at some point in the past because we figured there were better performers around. And there probably were, to be honest.

Anyway, let’s have a look at some celebrities with unstable careers at best.

Angelina Jolie
While Angelina’s Career was never in any real danger, her personal life hasn’t been doing too well. After her nasty divorce from Brad Pitt, she lost an alarming amount of weight. Now that she hasn’t starred in movies for a while, she’s starting to look a lot better (and healthier).